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20th August 2016,


Dublin, Ireland – Corvid Partners is a provider of illiquid fixed income valuations to the capital markets industry. Today, it expands its valuations services to European illiquid debt securities.


The service is aimed at data providers, investors and administrators who are involved in illiquid credit markets. By providing independent and transparent valuations on hard-to-price or level 3 assets, Corvid gives clients greater confidence in its reporting to regulators and investors.


Darragh Mooney, Head of European operations outlined the reasons for the expansion. “Europe has historically had a much broader range of fixed income security types. Each country has its own idiosyncrasies and legacy structures. Combine this with the continued stagnation of capital markets in Europe and you have a large pool of illiquid assets that investors struggle to price with confidence. We want to bring some clarity to that confusion with our independent valuation services.”


Corvid will initially focus on illiquid corporate bonds and bespoke securitised products to meet demand from its current client base. It will expand this offering to include public sector and infrastructure products in the coming months.