domestic bond market valuations
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Dublin, Ireland – Corvid Partners, the specialist fixed income valuation provider is today announcing an expansion of its domestic bond market valuation services. This expansion will include fixed income securities denominated in Singapore Dollar (SGD), New Taiwan Dollar (TWD), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) and South Korean Won (KRW).

Speaking from their Dublin Headquarters, Managing Director Darragh Mooney said: “This expansion of our domestic bond market coverage will allow us to provide our clients with evaluated pricing data for corporate, financial and public sector debt securities in four new jurisdictions. This increases our domestic currency offerings to over 25 different domestic markets. We are delighted to be able to expand these services to meet the needs of our clients not just in Asia but around the world.”

Mr Mooney added: “The demand for transparent and independent valuations continues to grow as investors and regulators continue to apply an ever increasing reporting load on portfolio managers.”


About Corvid:

Corvid Partners provides independent valuations on illiquid fixed income securities to the capital markets industry. We value over 14,000 illiquid securities in 21 currencies from 65 different countries each week. We are the largest on-demand provider of illiquid debt valuations to Bloomberg. We also work with a wide range of institutions, valuing fixed income assets for risk and capital reporting.

For more information about Corvid’s services visit or contact us here


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